5 fruits Which can fight Influenza and Cold better than medicines


Fruits carry germ-killing properties and can effectively enhance the immune system. Packed with vitamins, fruits maintain a high level of immunity letting your body keep cold and flu at bay. Besides, consuming foods regularly can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Listed below are five fruits which could help you ward off all the signs of cold and flu.


Apples are the most common source of antioxidants. One single apple carries the antioxidant effect of 1,500 mg vitamin C. Loaded with protective flavonoids, apples can avoid heart disease and cancer.

Carrying 250 percentage of RDA of vitamin C, a papaya can keep cold and flu at bay. The beta-carotene and vitamin C and E found in papayas reduce inflammation throughout the body, eventually reducing the consequences of asthma.

Cranberries carry more antioxidants than any other fruit or vegetable. A one-time serving of this fruit gets the benefits of five times the total amount of broccoli. An organic probiotic, cranberries can raise the level of good bacteria in the gut and guard it against foodborne diseases.

Natural compounds called limonoids are seen in grapefruit. All these are responsible for lowering cholesterol levels. A rich source of vitamin C, grapefruit can fight the substance lycopene.

One of the richest sources of vitamin B6, bananas can reduce fatigue, depression, tension, and insomnia. Packed with magnesium, bananas can also keep bones healthy and strong as well as its potassium content can help you avoid heart disease and high blood pressure.


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