5 Quick and Healthy Snacks Under 100 Calories

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When you are on diet, hunger pangs can hit you everywhere. In this kind of situation you want to look for healthy alternates that will not add up to a calorie count. Below are some healthy food items that you may consume to kill those hunger pangs with only 100 calories or fewer.


Almonds will help you cope with appetite fast. It’s possible to consume 14 almonds to satisfy your gut without including a total of 100 calories. Almonds will also provide additional health benefits like improved mental health, improved cardiovascular health and balanced blood sugar levels. Almonds will even help you lose weight as it will keep you full for longer.


Orange has a fantastic flavor and it’s loaded with essential vitamins and fiber. Two medium sized oranges or one large orange will add up to just 60 calories. You may easily locate an orange and consume it without giving another thought. The flavor of orange will even lift your mood.


A smoothie is a very refreshing drink which is extremely healthy. It’s also a great way to suppress appetite. It will nourish your body in addition to meet your sweet tooth. It is possible to prepare your smoothie berries or half banana. Additionally, choose honey to add to your smoothie to restrict the amount of calories.


Everyone enjoys popcorn from children to adults. Popcorn is 1 snack which will give you maximum satisfaction with fewer calories. Six cups of popcorn will add only 100 calories. Do not choose popcorn loaded with butter. Popcorn will even provide you fiber which will help keep your digestive tract healthy.


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