5 Styling Secrets for Men: Know the best way to look more stylish

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Styling Secrets for Men

Wearing costly branded clothing will not make you look stylish. There is always a man in every event, who appears dashing and automatically becomes the center of attraction. Then everything you can think about is what makes him so trendy? Answer is quite simple, all you need to know are some styling tips.

Here are 5 styling secrets every guy should know

Dress according to your height

The majority of the instances, a great deal of men don’t dress or buy clothes based on their height. General thumb rule says that, the number of switches on your suit needs to depend on your elevation. If you’re short in height then 1 button suit and if you’re tall then better option for you is three button suits. Always make ideal selection for yourself.

Read tag and label of every clothes

Whenever you opt to go outside for shopping keep one thing in your mind, before buying any piece of fabric you need to check label on it and browse the information regarding the fabric. It may sound odd but it is necessary to know what fabric cloth you’re choosing on your own. Two similar looking tops with same price can be different from one another. What makes them different? Of course, the cloth that’s used in creating, after you are finished with reading process turn the item over to look at the insides and determine which one is better than the other.

Selecting ideal collars

Most of the menswear available on the market, includes a collar, whether it is a formal or a casual T-shirt. Thus, it is necessary to select the right collar that fits nicely to your own face shape. For example, if you’ve got a small face, wear wide collar to emphasize your jaw line and on other hand, in case you have a vast face afterward narrow collar will make your face appear longer.

Wear accessories

Accessories make you seem stylish. Wearing perfect cloths is insufficient. Men constantly ignore the very important ingredient of being fashionable. Sounds really simple but accessory is exceptional way to take your outfit to fresh heights. Watches are the clearest choices and go nicely with most of the outfits.

Wear your finest fitted clothing to the mall

Sounds illogical? Wearing fitting clothes to the mall is very good idea as they are step of exactly what you need to be buying. Save your hours which you probably waste in changing room. Other benefit of wearing fitting clothes is just fold the T-shirt you are sporting over the T-shirt that you would like to purchase, and notice the difference in contour.


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