5 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Your Child


Image result for 5 Things You Shouldn't Say to Your ChildChildren observe their parents the Maximum.
They learn from you and inculcate your habits. You’re their best role model. Being a parent, you have to be cautious about your activities. But along with your activities, you must take responsibility for what you say before your kids. Parents should be mindful about their word options. Your words can leave a long-lasting impact in your children. They are even able to alter your child’s view about you. You can motivate your child just by using the right words. You might not notice but there are certain phrases that you use every day leave a negative impact on your kids. Below are a few things that you should not say to your kids.

Image result for She is much Far Better than youShe/he is much Far Better than you

Some parents compare their children with others to make them understand from them. But it doesn’t work like that. Comparison impacts the self-esteem of their child. It reduces their assurance and kids also start questioning their ability. Rather than assessing your child with others, you need to give them suggestions. Attempt to teach them how they could improve themselves and make them believe in their own abilities.

Image result for You're too young to inquire kidsYou’re too young to inquire

When you say this to your kid, you are someplace restricting your child’s thinking capacity. Attempt to answer their question in the very best way possible. Make your replies enlightening so that it activates curiosity in them. If your child asks an inappropriate question then attempt to answer in a different way rather than ignoring it. If you dismiss their query then they will try to find the responses from other sources. So, not to say no and try to become a good source to your kids.Image result for say Learn from your siblings to kids

Learn from your siblings

Replies are very bad for your child. Assessing your child with their siblings is as bad as comparing them with other kids. Comparison won’t simply make them feel failed but will also result in envy among siblings. When you compare your child with their sibling it makes them feel left out. It also develops a sense of failure in them.

Image result for say no to kidsA straight no

Kids hear no very often. A straight no can be very rude. Don’t say no to everything. It does not indicate you need to agree with everything your kid states. If you want to say no say it in another manner they do not feel bad. Try to make them understand every possibility that can occur in that particular circumstance. This will make them take decisions sensibly as well as they’ll understand your concern about these.

Image result for You can't do this kidsYou can’t do this

Never say it directly to your kids that – you can not do so. This may shake your youngster’s confidence. You are unintentionally underestimating your child. This is going to make your child feel they’re not capable of accomplishing it.

At any time you direct your kid’s attempt to use polite words. Scold them when required. Don’t use such words which could demotivate them. Try to be convinced to create a positive environment in your home.


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