7 Habits that can Cause Hair Fall

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7 Habits that can Cause Hair Fall

Hair loss has become a frequent problem. A lot of people are stressing about hair fall and searching for quick fixes. But coping with baldness is not easy. Hair fall may be hereditary. Other reasons can be- use of wrong hair products or certain medicines. But do you know you few modifiable habits may also activate hair fall? These customs that will not need many attempts can be controlled easily. Keep reading to learn some common habits that can lead to hair fall.

Handsome hairstyles

If you are one of those who tie their hair very tightly then you’re more vulnerable to baldness. Tight hairstyles put pressure on your hair follicles that lead to damage in hair follicles. It can also permanently damage your own hair follicles which makes it rather difficult or impossible for your hair to grow back. Tight hairstyles may also lead to constant headaches. Maintain your hair band loose. While making braids also keep your hair loose.

Bad diet

Consuming all the necessary nutrients is not just great for your general health but for your hair too. A balanced diet is very necessary for good hair health. Drastic changes in diet can also result in hair fall. Create a balanced diet that contains all of the nutrients for good hair growth. When you’ll start consuming all the necessary nutrients you may notice less hair loss. Additionally, it will improve your hair quality.

Not consuming enough iron

Iron deficiency and hair loss are related in a lot of ways. Iron deficiency results in low production of hemoglobin in blood. Hemoglobin is responsible for carrying oxygen in the blood, which is required for the growth and repair of tissues of the body. Hence iron can also be responsible for stimulation of cells required for hair development. You ought to consume more spinach, broccoli and legumes to encourage hair growth.

Over styling

Everybody likes to style their hair in some manner or the other. Some of you love the funky hair colour while others keep switching between straight and curls hair. But continuous styling can damage your own hair and hair follicles as well. The use of heat and hair sprays contributes to bad hair quality and quantity. Avoid using heat and colours as much as you can. If you are already addressing baldness then you must immediately stop using these products to stop the development of the problem.

Hot showers

A lot of people enjoy hot showers and spend quite a while beneath a shower. But do you understand the impact of a hot shower on your hair? Sexy causes dehydration in your scalp and leaves your hair dry and brittle. It makes the hair more prone to baldness and damage.


Stress is another factor which can influence your hair. On account of this job and the hustle bustle in one’s life, anxiety is quite common. Should you stress a lot of you may experience baldness. You need to try and keep relaxed and calm. Try stress-relieving techniques like meditation, yoga, sports and exercising.

When you comb your wet hair, your hair is more likely to break. It makes the follicles feeble and the stress that the comb puts on wet hair contributes to hair loss.


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