8 Do’s and Don’ts of Winter Makeup

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Gone are the times when only your wardrobe got all the interest in winters. Winter makeup is not as significant and everybody needs to up their make-up game this winter. It is time to play with those eyeshadow palettes stacked in the corner of the cosmetics counters. That is why you can’t afford to mess it up to do precisely that, here are a few do’s and don’ts of makeup you can swear by this year.

1.Do wear dark lipsticks

Among the best things about winter makeup is choosing out that standout lipstick colors and play with them. During this season, elect for darker lip shades such as burgundy, plum, wine and heavy red. These sunglasses are perfect for winter. Avoid wearing warmer lip colors as they signal warmer weather.

2. Do not skip sunscreen

During winters, we all think that lotion will protect our skin from everything, but that is not true. In fact, you must protect your skin from sunlight during winters because it can cause sunburn, particularly in case you’ve got a sensitive skin. Always maintain a sunscreen handy to protect your skin from sunlight.

3. Do check for base shade

This is a very common mistake people make in regards to winter cosmetics. Wearing the right foundation is the trick to achieve a flawless appearance. Our skin gets lighter during winters, so the foundation you were using at the summer might not get the job done for you in the winter. It is better to put money into a new base to match the natural color of your skin.

4. Do not use a lot of powder merchandise

Our skin will have drier during winters so it is very good to prevent powder merchandise which will just make your skin dry. Choose moisturizing versions of these powder products like cream blushes, highlighters and bronzers. This can allow you to achieve the perfect winter look without creating your skin dry.

5. Do opt for aluminum and gold eyeshadow

Gold and Gold eyeshadows are perfect for autumn and winter. Furthermore, these colours can quickly transition from a day to night look. Add just a bit of warmth to your eyes and finish the look with a dark lip. This easy yet standout appearance is very good for parties and can be worn in the afternoon with a nude lip.

6. Don’t use purple or blue to line your waterline

Purple and blue eyeliners look amazing but sadly they do not look so happening during summer time. Instead, opt for the traditional black kohl eyeliner — you can play with it and create a cat-eye as well. This appearance can never fail.

7.Do employ blush

To bring a tiny rosiness to your cheeks in the cold weather, then use rose pink to your own lips to get a flushed appearance. This will add heat to the face and make you look stunning.

8.Do not go overboard with the cosmetics

A monochromatic appearance is the key to attain the perfect winter makeup look, but try to not go overboard with the dark colors. Attempt to attain a monochromatic look by using lipstick, eyeshadow and blush taht belong to the exact same color family. Don’t forget to keep it natural on the cheeks and be careful with the bronzer.


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