Anand Kumar Out Of Super 30 Fame Suffering From Brain Tumour.

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Know About Acoustic Neuroma Warning Evidence

The much-awaited launch of Hrithik Roshan starrer Super 30 was the talk-of-the-town. Nonetheless, in a recent revelation, Anand Kumar, the inspiration behind the film, revealed that he’s afflicted by an acoustic neuroma, a sort of brain tumor. Produced in Bihar, Anand Kumar is instrumental in teaching kids from underprivileged businesses to look for IIT examinations. For many years, he’s been producing free schooling and IIT prep courses, which makes him an inspiration for all! Hrithik Roshan starrer Super 30 talks highly about Kumar’s participation in preparing the present generation for IIT assessments without charging any cost.

Talking about the rationale for fast giving the nod to this project, Kumar shared one of his interviews, “I wanted the movie to discharge before anything occurred to me. Anything could happen anytime since there’s no assurance of death and life. I wished to be a note to the achievement and the travel of the movie.”

Anand Kumar is afflicted by the acoustic neuroma, which is a sort of benign brain tumor. A slow-growing tumor, this tumor affects the entire body equilibrium, hearing loss and can result in continuous ringing in your mind.

According to a report, Kumar spoke about his healthcare health difficulties, throwing light on this particular medical condition. Through investigations, Anand Kumar must understand that he’d endured 80-90 percent of hearing the loss in his right ear. Despite going in for ENT remedies, there was no respite. It had been at 2014 when he identified with acoustic neuroma by physicians in New Delhi’s Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital.

As the tumor grows, there may be several observable symptoms suggesting this kind of brain tumor.

  • A sudden or slow reduction in hearing is a significant symptom
  • A continuous ringing noise in the ear
  • reduction of body equilibrium and unsteadiness
  • Repeated episodes of vertigo

Numbness on confront

These elements should be considered when searching for the most effective approaches to restrain this tumor. The treatment choices depend upon several factors from the individual:

  • The era of the individual
  • The magnitude of this tumor
  • Hearing
  • The General Health of the individual
  • Preference of therapy option for the patient

When to See a Physician?

Should you hear there is a continuous noise in your mind, don’t wait for anymore and mind to find the physician. Understanding and diagnosing this kind of brain tumor at the start of the medical state will help prevent the tumor from overgrowing.

Following are the takeaways in Anand Kumar’s health:

  • Acoustic Neuroma and vestibular schwannoma are two Distinct titles of the Identical Kind of brain tumor
  • Largely, this brain tumor affects middle-aged individuals and requires some time to reveal symptoms
  • Hearing and imaging tests assist in the diagnosis of acoustic neuroma in the Majority of the patients
  • Tracking, chemotherapy, and radiation are the most Frequent treatment approaches of acoustic neuroma


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