Are You Cosmetic Brand Loyal


Are you someone who must wear the same brand for all your makeup needs, What about your skincare,
Must everything you use be the same brand head to toe or do you believe it ok to be disloyal,

Sometimes when it comes to a favorite perfume, it feels just wonderful to take a shower or bath as your favorite scent fills the air. Starting with the body cleanser you,re using and if you,re lucky, your brand carries a candle within it line. Why do we go so far in the use of just one scent within one brand,
We all have something we won,t use by any other brand no matter who we talk with. We all have a favorite something, I will admit it,s the mascara I offer on my website. But there are some who will go out of their way in major hunting in every store around them to on the internet to find that one item within that one brand. What makes us go so nuts over something,

God forbid if a company that has carried the same scent for years decides to drop it, to make a place for a more up to date scent! There are letters written, phone calls made all to get that one scent back! Sometimes it works, but most times it doesn,t. Some say it,s the marketing that has us all ga ga over it, but more often than not it,s because that one product does what it was created to do. Nothing fancy, it just does it.

Does it really matter to use just one brand on your face and/ or body, A lot of high-end stores say that it is a necessity to use only one brand on your face. If that sales lady is really good at her job, you might leave the store with hundreds of dollars worth of skincare that you are going by her word that it works for whatever reason you went shopping. But note, that sales lady was trained to push as much as she can on you to buy. Still, does it really matter,
First off you must remember that if you mix brands you might get more than you bargain for. You might break out and if you are using 4 or 5 different brands, how do you know which one is causing the ,out break,, If you have really sensitive skin, that might be the worst thing to do. Start changing things around because of something you saw advertised on tv, or your friends are singing its praises, or even that same sales lady has gotten you to buy it. If your skin tends to break out due to hormones or stress then mixing could cause reactions that take forever to clear up.

What about the rest of us who don,t have that many problems with our skin, We just saw that such and such brand came out with something brand-new that is the latest in curing wrinkles. And we just saw this morning a tiny wrinkle that wasn,t there the night before. What stops us from trying that new product, Well, nothing is really wrong in doing so but the first thing we need to do is test it!
Most high-end stores will hand out samples which are usually more than enough to tell you if it,s going to break you out or not.
Nothing says you must be brand loyal, in fact these days there is so much out there that your favorite brand is not always going to carry everything.
Go ahead, try it out. Look at everything you use now, that should tell you if you really need something new or if you are just bored with what you using or that advertising is truly doing its job.

Never waste your money on the whole skincare line unless you have used it before and you know it works. There is no need to, get samples. Most high end stores will either have a sample or that same sales lady can go ahead and create you one. Take it home and try it behind your ear and that will tell you if you can use it or not on your face. But take sometime before you decide its going to work or not. If you feel itching or stinging that tells that it,s not for you!
If you had bought the whole jar instead of being able to get a sample, most stores will take it back if you have a bad reaction, just remember your receipt.
If you are trying out something new on your body, always check the ingredients just in case there is something you already know you can,t have on your skin. There is quite a few of us that are now having reactions to lanolin so its always good to read and get to know your ingredients.

Everyone mixing their cosmetics these days because not one brand carries all that one might need. Some companies create the best foundation and nothing else. Others carry all the most up to date colors in eye shadow. Still others carry the best mascara ever and killer blush, some create the best makeup brushes. Can that all be found within one brand, Sure, but these days it,s not likely. We all like too many different things and it would be really hard for one company to have it all. But they do try, you,ve got to give them that.
Brand loyalty is really a thing of the past. When there were only 2 or 3 major companies that carried everything and there wasn,t television to tell us we need something new.

Stay loyal to what works for you, don,t stay loyal if it doesn,t work any longer. As our skin ages we try new products to better suit its changing needs. Take the time to research the products you do need or think you might be needing to change and pay no mind to that same sales lady who knows you,ve just got to have the whole line!! Remember where she gets her training from! Trust your own skin, it will tell you best of all.


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