Background Music may Hamper your Creative Abilities

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Music is often linked to increased Imagination.

It’s commonly linked that when you listen to history while doing a job, it can increase your creativity. However, based on a recent study, listening to background music considerably, reduces the creativity and affects a individual’s ability to finish tasks and verbal creativity. This study has challenged the popular myth that music enriches the creativity of somebody.

The research was conducted by psychologists from the University of Gavle in Sweden, University of Central Lancashire and Lancaster University in the United Kingdom. During the analysis, the psychologists examined the effect of background audio on the performance of a person.

It was discovered that background music when performing a task considerably impairs a person’s ability to finish tasks testing verbal creativity.

The researchers used three approaches to complete the study and generated three different environments. – one with a quiet surroundings, secound with background music together with unfamiliar lyrics and third comprised only instrumental sounds.

“We found strong evidence of impaired performance when playing music in comparison to silent background conditions,” explained Neil McLatchie of Lancaster University.

The study busted the common myth that music enhances the imagination of a person whilst doing a job.

Other harmful effects of using headphones continuously

  • Total hearing loss or hearing loss complications
  • Ear infections if you share your headphones with someone
  • Lack of or no air passage into the ears
  • Pain in ears
  • Irritation in ears
  • Affects brain function


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