Best 5 Common Myths About Dementia

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Dementia mainly calls for memory loss. It’s a progressive illness. Dementia is often confused with just memory loss. There are various other myths related to dementia that makes it difficult to comprehend the disease better in an early period. People often confuse the signs of dementia along with other mental ailments. Below are a few myths about dementia that you have to know.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are not the same. Alzheimer’s is a frequent type of dementia but there are other forms too. Dementia is a syndrome whereas Alzheimer’s is a progressive disorder.

Just older people can suffer from dementia

Most people believe that only elderly people are able to find the illness but it is not true. Age is the biggest risk factor of dementia but people under 65 can also develop the disease. The premature age dementia is known as early-onset dementia. But the instances of early-onset dementia are extremely rare.

Memory loss is a normal part of aging

Most people believe memory loss is a normal indication of aging. However, some decline in the speed and memory is normal whereas major memory loss isn’t considered normal. After age 60, someone ought to be very careful about the signs and symptoms. Some simple warning signs should be discussed to a doctor.

Dementia Can’t Be treated

It is a half-truth about dementia it can’t be treated. The progress of the condition can be ceased. Dementia may be treated up to a certain degree, the comprehensive remedy isn’t possible. Certain medications and remedies can help the patient to recuperate fast.

You can get dementia out of the parents

Most dementia doesn’t pass to the children from the parents. Over 99 percent of the cases are non-hereditary. But if someone in your near relation is suffering from dementia then you need to be well aware of the possible symptoms.

What are the symptoms of dementia?

Oftentimes, the signs may be subtle and go unrecognised for some time, whereas other cases may have very obvious symptoms. A person with dementia may show the following symptoms.

Memory loss, usually noticed by others

  • Difficulty in remembering recent events
  • Difficulty in finding the Ideal words to identify objects, express notions or take part in discussions
  • Forgetting recognizable people and places
  • Confusion and problems in orientation
  • Difficulty in finishing jobs
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Not taking care of personal hygiene


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