Consistently on Phone? You can suffer from text neck

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Mobile phones have now become a priority for nearly everyone. Not only adults, children are alike hooked on mobile phones. A day without mobile phones seems impossible. You might sometimes forget your essentials before leaving your home but you can forget your mobile phone. From texting to gambling and watching films, mobile phones have occupied most of the component of a person’s life. According to some few researches, each person spends approximately five hours per day or even more on cellular phones. But do you know a lot of negativity in cellular phones can cause a severe harmful position? This poor position is known as’text neck’.

What is text neck?

While using your cellular phones, you frequently look marginally down with head shoulders round and back bent. This bad posture is called text neck. This posture adds pressure to the neck and can cause stress injury.

Indicators of text

When a cell phone user is looking down to maximum hours during the day then he or she is able to experience a few signs. While looking down your neck has to take more weight which increases the stress on the neck. A Few of the symptoms might include:

Tightness across shoulders

Pain in the neck which can become severe after a Couple of times

Persistent headaches

The young generation is more likely to experience these symptoms because they’re more indulged for their mobile phones and are somewhere hooked on it.

Prevention methods

Text neck can be avoided with some basic actions. You can control the illness before it gets worse. If you notice that you just spend too long looking down in your cell phones then you must follow these prevention steps.

Notice the symptoms: you have to be aware of the signs and ought to keenly observe them. Mild distress and pain shouldn’t be ignored.

Take a rest: Have a note of the time that you spend on your device. You ought to take a rest every 15 minutes. Look up and bring your neck back to the first position.

Hold your phone at the right position: Attempt to keep your phone aligned to your own eyes so you do not have to look down. Also, make sure that you do not keep the phone too close to your eyes as it can affect your eyes also.


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