Dealing with Real Pain


Image result for Dealing with Real PainIt would be an understatement to say that the United States is experiencing an opioid crisis. Quite simply, people are addicted to certain drugs that can cause side effects and may eventually lead to death. While there are numerous rehab centers in Ohio, it is important for people deal with the pain they are experiencing. Fortunately, there are some tips when it comes to dealing with pain.

What Type of Pain

When people think of pain, they may immediately think of physical pain. An example might be a boy who skins his knee when he falls down on a sidewalk. He is experiencing physical pain, but it is temporary and can be classified as acute pain. Suppose a couple was involved in a car accident 20 years ago, and they still have physical pain. That type of pain is chronic pain, since it has continued to last for many years. However, there are other types of pain that are not physical. One cannot forget about emotional pain. Insults and terrible experiences can lead to emotional pain that some people carry with them for the rest of their lives. For people of faith, they may carry spiritual pain due to being judged for their own beliefs that may be different from others. The bottom line is that there are many types of pain that people can experience. Therefore, it can be very helpful to identity the source of the pain in order to deal with it.

Dealing with Reality

One of the challenges with pain is dealing with reality. Quite often, people think about where they want to be as compared to where they are in the present. While there is nothing wrong with looking ahead, an individual must recognize where he or she is when it comes to pain. Some physical pain is acute and may end in a brief amount of time. Other pain, such as chronic pain, will be with an individual for the rest of their lives. Before trying to address the pain, it is vital to deal with the recognition of the pain that is being experienced in the present.

Physical Helps

It can be easy for people to go to a pill in order to receive relief from pain. While that can be understandable, the reality is that a pill is not the only way to address and cope with pain. Some people have discovered that losing weight has been an excellent way to reduce pain, and this is especially true with people who have back problems. Extra weight can tighten muscles and may cause damage over time. Muscles and nerves can get relief when a body begins to shed weight. Exercise is another way that people can get relief from pain. When pain occurs, individuals may feel very reluctant to exercise and put sore muscles into use. However, muscles that are used and stretched appropriately can provide people with the flexibility and mobility that they need. That being said, individuals may need physical therapy in order to regain mobility.

Spiritual Helps

While pain can be experienced in the body, spirit and soul, a number of people of faith testify to the fact that prayer has gotten them through many difficult situations and times of pain. For some, they pray just to be able to get out of bed for the day. When that occurs, they consider it an answer to prayer. While some may see the pursuit of God as something that only needs to be done when the time of death nears, the reality is that numerous people have been helped when they seek help that is beyond themselves and other humans.

Emotional Helps

People need someone who can listen and understand what they are saying. For people who are experiencing pain, it may greatly help them to consider visiting a counselor. A counselor is able to provide a listening ear. Furthermore, as an unbiased individual, the professional may be able to provide guidance or helpful ideas that were not considered in the past.

When it comes to pain, it must be addressed. For some, a good starting point is to visit a doctor or a counselor. For others, they may be addicted to opioids and need to in how to find the right rehab facility. Whatever the situation is, the truth is that there is help for people who have pain. Although pain may be something that lasts for the rest of their life, people can still thrive.


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