Diabetes May Contribute to Infertility, Says Experts

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Diabetes is Impacting a Significant number of People these days.

According to a recent study, diabetes can contribute to infertility in both women and men. Both men and women are in a similar risk of infertility due to diabetes.

Infertility is also increasing among couples nowadays due to various factors. Diabetes is found to be another element that could affect a person’s fertility. The specialists involved in the findings highlighted some Significant points that included:

It may reduce the count of this sperm in males and women can also experience decreased motility of sperms of sperms. These conditions all together contribute to infertility.

Infection in girls diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are correlated. Diabetes can also cause other autoimmune diseases which can cause infertility in women.

Diabetes can also lead to difficulty in the implantation of the abundant egg in the uterus, due to the lack of sugar in the female’s body. This results in higher chances of miscarriage from diabetic women by 30-60 percent.

Formerly another report by WHO stated that diabetes impacts 69.2 million individuals in India. Another study which was published in the Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology journal last year stated that by 2030 almost 98 million people in India could suffer from Type-2 diabetes.

Within this finding, it was also noticed that parasitic mother is in a greater risk of premature deliveries, abortion and prenatal complications during the birth of their child.

Diabetes may also activate other health issues like cardiovascular disorders, nerve damage, kidney ailments, eye injury, hearing impairments, arthritis and skin conditions.


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