Eliminate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


The Only Treatment Plan That’s Guaranteed To Give You Fast, Easy, And Permanent Relief From Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Without Wearing Wrist Splints/Braces, Expensive Visits to Physiotherapy or Doctors, Getting Painful Cortisone Shots, or Even Think About Invasive Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

Simply take just 5 minutes every other day to follow this blueprint, fail-proof formula using easy to follow, step-by-step techniques, and I guarantee you will see immediate results in less than 72 hours (many people experience relief from pain the same day they start!)

But it gets even better:

You don’t have to break a sweat

You don’t have to devote special time out of your busy day for your treatment

You can complete all 8 carpal tunnel treatment techniques in less than 5 minutes, sitting in the comfort of your own home watching television

This isn’t some expensive membership program or a system that requires you to purchase anything else to get immediate results

You will never again have to shell out a single dime for any sort of “treatment” that will take away your money but not your pain

You don’t have to join any expensive fitness gyms to make sure your carpal tunnel doesn’t come back

You’ll never have to “compensate” for your dehabilitation by changing your daily habits, canceling your favorite sport activities or past times, or give up your job or occupation because of your injury

Because the easy to follow treatment guide and step-by-step online video tutorials are delivered digitally, you can get started right now even if it’s 4 in the morning!

And you can get the complete treatment program for a fraction of what just one trip to the physio or doctor would cost you…

Printable exercise journal and workout logs for every single day…every single routine…every single level! This is literally as easy as painting-by-numbers! I’ve done ALL the work for you (short of actually performing the techniques of course ;-)!

You’ll never have to spend thousands of dollars on invasive and painful carpal tunnel surgery or spend precious time out of your busy life sitting in a doctor or physical therapist’s office with nothing to show for it

You’ll get to enjoy all the sports activities or active hobbies you like without having to sit on the sidelines because of a weak grip

You’ll never have to swallow stomach churning anti-inflammatory pills day after day, knowing the pain will come back in a matter of hours

Forget wearing bulky, restrictive wrist splints and braces. They actually promote muscle fatigue when you really want to strengthen your damaged muscles and tendons

You won’t have to even think about getting painful cortisone shots and injections in your wrist. But to make matters worse, if the injection is not given properly, you can suffer permanent muscle and tendon damage

You’ll never have to feel crippled by the dehabilitating pain many carpal tunnel sufferers get from performing the most basic (but essential) tasks around the house

Plus you get the limited time offer of the deluxe upgrade worth $155 which includes 5 INCREDIBLE “SUPER BONUSES” to make sure you have every “weapon” you’ll ever need in your “war on carpal tunnel syndrome”… only when you place your order today!

And you’re getting everything absolutely risk-free: backed by my 60 day, 100% no-hassle, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee

Jennifer Rodriquez Miami, FL “I am a professional piano player and have been suffering with numbness in both hands for over a year. Like you, I’ve seen docotor after doctor who gave me the same options, which were none. Give up playing for a while. I am so passionate about playing the piano, this was not an option. After watching the videos and implementing your program, the pain and numbness has decreased considerably. Thank you so much for your knowledge!”

Gail Long Ft. Lauderdale, FL “I make jewelery for a living. I am constantly gripping small objects all day long and twisting and turning them into shape. Like you, I saw my doctor who basically gave me no options other than to choose another profession or suffer with carpal tunnel for the rest of my life. I cam across your website on the internet and took a chance. The pics and videos were easy to follow and understand without all that medical jargon. Your program gives hope to everyone suffering from Carpal Tunnel. I highly recommend your program to anyone who suffers with this crippling injury. Thanks so much, Geoffrey.”

Cara Robinson Christchurch, New Zealand “Thank you very much for the time and energy of sending me the information in an eBook. I’ve printed all this and I can see that you have put a lot of thought and energy into what you have researched and written. I have started the exercises for my Carpal Tunnel and 2 days I’ve noticed a difference already”

What is Carpal Tunnel,

All human forearms down to the wrists contains a covering structure called sheath which protects and supports the tough connective tissue located from our forearm into the hand. You may find it hard to differentiate hot from cold sensations. If your job requires you to perform constant repetitions of hand and wrist movements, and you’re feeling the symptoms mentioned earlier, beware the inflammation might be already triggered. You are clumsy and often fumble in carrying things.

Carpal tunnel symptoms

Women are three times more likely than men to develop carpal tunnel syndrome, perhaps because the carpal tunnel itself may be smaller in women than in men. The carpal tunnel condition has a serious impact on on a person’s work and livelihood. Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome primarily suffer numbness and tingling of the hand in the distribution of the median nerve, including the thumb, index, middle, and part of the fourth fingers. These sensations are often more distinct at night and can awaken sufferers from sleep.


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