Every one of our trip to spirituality is unique


  • We’re all one, sisters and brothers to one another.
  • On the approach to spirituality, we benefit from each other’s spiritual development.

Well, this really is organic. Social comparison is one of our innate properties which assist us to find our roots and stay tall with an independent personality. You might quite innocently brush this topic of competitiveness in spirituality aside by claiming that spirituality may not be a question of who gets there first, but about realizing self attachments and getting rid of these. You’re right, however considering that we are not so honest and giving in our ideas as people, things can not be quite as perfect. Now that we’re in the infant stage of our paths to spirituality, we’re the most vulnerable to worldly sins (self love, greed, insecurity, etc). For that reason, it will be unrealistic to state that one never even accidently dropped to ideas of insecurity and jealousy upon looking at the neighbor taking every breath with devotion.

If you’re struggling with smothering degrees of spiritual competitiveness, below are some things you can do to drift off.

You’re Enough

When we meet a new man who is inspirational like a professional, we have a tendency to compare ourselves nearly instantly. This is natural and a portion of our cognitive processing. The insecurity which pops out as a result of this processing is nothing that one needs to feel guilty about. To conquer feelings of insecurity and jealousy, then inform yourself that you’re enough right now.

While in your own way to spirituality, you will meet a whole lot of individuals that have their own experiences to discuss about. Don’t be clouded by such notions as you’ve gained nothing up to now in your trip and so, have nothing to discuss. Bear in mind that your travel is unique to yours and can’t be compared with someone else. Each man who is born into this world was gifted with spirituality that is only waiting to be awakened. You might think that someone is farther along than you are, but then he might be looking at you and thinking the exact same.

It is Not a Hurry

We’re congenially well prepared to earn to-do lists during our lives so that we don’t miss out on anything. Nonetheless, you can’t prepare a to-do list for spirituality since it is a natural process which has to unfold naturally. You don’t have any control on how it will prove to be. Thus, relax if you’re feel that someone is moving further along the line compared with you. For all you know, he is not on precisely the exact same route as you’re.

We’re all One

In the conclusion of the day, the facts remains that which it is. We all is one and if you start competing with someone else on spiritual motives, you aren’t competing with him but with yourself. Learn to realise this reality and admire one and all.



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