Foam Roller Exercises for Pain Relief


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Foam Roller Exercises

Foam rollers or foam roller exercises are best, since rather applying direct and extending high mechanical loads to tissues and muscles; you stretch and massage the underlying tissues. Foam rolling exercises also helps in reducing adhesion, thickening and tension of connective tissues (fascia) and muscles. It’s encouraged that you should practice these foam rolling exercises every day.

Whenever you are just beginning, you may feel uneasy. It is because you employ your entire body weight on the special area of tension which could cause you to feel some discomfort. When pain increases on a top note you stop doing your exercise immediately.

Best thing about foam rolling workout is anyone can do it since it requires no special skills. Using rollers for 10 minutes may unwind and loosen your tight muscles. Always place your roller directly where you’re experiencing pain or want to loosen your muscle. Here are 4 foam roller exercises for various body parts.

Exercise for your back
Back pain issues are on increase daily. Improper sitting posture, unhealthy diet or a lot more can be the reasons for your own back. Exercising with foam roller may help you.

Cross your arms in front of your chest or put your palms behind your ears. Slowly begin rolling the whole length of your back out of your shoulders on downwards.

Gently sit roller with your hands and feet on the floor. Left foot flat on the ground and your right leg crossed over your left knee.

Know gradually begin rolling and encourage your weight in your hands and one foot.

Exercise for Lats
Get on your side with your legs straight, extend your right arm above your head, and place a foam roller below your armpit.

Put your left hand on the floor in front of you for support, and place your left foot on the floor behind your right leg.

Make use of your left foot and hand to gradually roll up your right side from the armpit to below your ribcage repeatedly.

Exercise for claves
Put roller skates beneath your calves, cross your knees left over right.

Put your hands beside your hips and lift it off the floor, rolling your calf muscle above the roller.

Take it from ankle to knee. Repeat the process with the other leg.

Things to recall

If you are feeling discomfort don’t hold your breath.

If you’re feeling pain or having issue on your left leg, spend more time on that side. You don’t need to give precise same time to another hand but don’t neglect that side also.

More slowly and more you may roll up, faster and better outcomes will be. Don’t roll too quickly.


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