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A lip balm is a useful product which every woman carries with her all the time. Lip balms provide moisture to your lips and keep them hydrated. A lip balm will make your lips softer and retain their natural colour undamaged. The tiny colour within the lip balm will also provide little colour and shine for your lips. Normal application of lip balm will keep your lips healthy and prevent them from drying. However, you may be using the lip balms form the marketplace which might be filled with artificial colour and substances. Overuse of those lip balms may do more damage than good. To maintain your lips away from any kind of harm, you should make your own lip balm. A homemade lip balm will provide you all the advantages and will not give any type of side impact. Read on to know the simplest way to make your own lip balm.

Strategy 1

  • Bee wax or petroleum jelly
  • Coconut oil
  • Rose essential oil
  • Small container

Method- Melt 1 tablespoon of beeswax oil jelly and couple drops of coconut oil. Do not health them a lot and after the temperature becomes ordinary, add several two-three drops of rose essential oil into it. Mix it well and pour the mixture in a little container. Allow the mixture set for some time and use it once it cools down completely.



  • Beeswax
  • Coconut oil
  • Mint essential oil or lavender oil or uncooked honey
  • Food colour or eye shadow for color
  • Coconut oil

Small container

Method- First, heat the wax and peppermint oil in a container and allow them to melt and combine properly. Don’t overheat the mixture. You might even use petroleum jelly rather than beeswax. When the wax and oil come to a normal temperature add food colour to it. You can also sprinkle your favourite eye shadow rather than food color. Now mix them well. Add a couple drops of essential oil into the mixture. Pour the mixture into a small container and keep it within the refrigerator. After a number of hours, your lip balm is about to use.

  • Method-3
  • Beeswax or petroleum jelly
  • Cocoa butter
  • Sweet coconut oil
  • Honey

Small container

Method- Take 1 tablespoon of oil or peppermint jelly, half tsp cocoa butter plus 4 tsp sweet almond oil and heat them on moderate flame. When the wax dries, take off it from the flame and add 1 teaspoon honey to flavouring. Now heat the mixture for a while to blend all of the ingredients well. Later, add a few drops of essential oils. Pour the solution into a container and let it cool.


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