Foods to Avoid Before Bed Time


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It’s advised to restrain late night cravings if you don’t really hungry. But in the event that you can’t control your cravings during the night then it’s better to prevent some foods as they can take a toll on your health and make you sick.

Foods to Prevent Ice-Cream

It may look the best choice after a bad day or to fix a broken heart. Ice-cream is made of dairy products and it can be bad for your stomach. It is fatty and heavy which can keep you up and irritate you all night. The better choice to eat at night is low-fat yogurt as it is mild on the stomach, so fewer odds of having a stomach ache at night.


The acids within tomato sauce can lead to an upset stomach and leave you with a tummy ache during the night. The acidic elements cause indigestion and you might have to rush to the bath frequently during the night.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is filled with antioxidants and magnesium, which is good throughout the day but at night eating it might not be the best idea. Dark chocolate has a high degree of caffeine in it can be bad for your sleep. Additionally, it contains theobromine – a combination of both could prove detrimental to your sleeping. Though it is a better choice than its counterparts, it’s best to avoid it at night to have a good night’s sleep.

Spicy Foods
As its name suggests,’spicy’ is not your everyday dose of nominal food. Spicy food may give rise to problems such as acid reflux and diarrhoea. Additionally, capsaicin within chilli pepper can lead to a drastic shift in your own body temperature, which may affect your sleeping patterns.

All spices are not bad, some of them contain aplenty health benefits like turmeric. Turmeric is full of antioxidants, antibacterialanti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory properties, all which can be beneficial for your wellbeing.

Orange Juice

Orange juice is extremely acidic, making it a bad idea to drink it before bedtime. It’s also high in sugar which also does not let you sleep easily.

Dried Fruits

You might think of dried fruits as a reasonable selection but it is just so when eaten throughout the day. The presence of dietary fiber, fiber and organic sugar in dried fruits can’t be ignored. It may affect your night sleep and can upset your digestive tract, which could also affect your blood glucose levels.

Obtaining good sleep is essential for optimum wellness. Good sleep can alleviate the possibility of developing certain chronic illnesses, keep your digestion healthy and boost your immune system. To cause sleep, be sure you are eating the ideal foods and doing enough physical activity to keep diseases at bay.


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