Gas problems in Infants: Know symptoms and treatment


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Babies can get gas Readily.

The infant can become very irritated due to the trapped gas in the stomach. At times the baby can even feel pain. Gas can happen due to many reasons like a problem in the digestive tract, swallowing air while breastfeeding or sucking on a pacifier. The same as adults babies face many problems because of gas in their bellies. It frequently becomes difficult to understand the reason for a fussy baby. There are lots of reasons behind crying. But there are certain symptoms which could help you realize that your baby is experiencing gastric problems. Few of the symptoms include:

  • Constant yelling
  • Unnecessary bloating
  • Hard tummy

You should check your baby’s belly by lightly touching it. If you feel that your child’s tummy is hard and the baby cries while touching it, then it could be gas.

Techniques to Take Care of gas at the babiesMaintain position while feeding
The way you feed your infant matters a lot. Incorrect feeding position may lead to gasoline in babies. While feeding makes sure the baby’s head is put higher than its gut. This posture makes certain the milk goes to the gut and the air comes up that can be readily burped out. When you keep your baby in your lap then make sure that you keep your legs in such a position the infant’s head is a bit higher or you may also use a soft pillow to support the neck.

Always burp your baby

Follow it, as a rule, to earn your baby burp every time you feed your infant. It’s the very best way to prevent excess gas within the baby’s gut. After feeding wait for few minutes and then hold your baby on your shoulder and tap gently on its back.


Massaging the baby’s tummy is another simple way to stop gas from becoming trapped. It will assist the gas to move easily within the stomach and gut. You can massage your baby’s tummy in a circular movement. You can also use a baby oil or lotion to give massage to your baby’s stomach.

Gripe water

Gripe water was used since ages to solve all of stomach related problems in babies. Additionally, it may help in preventing gas in babies. Gripe water includes sodium bicarbonate with water and many herbs. It is also one of the safest ways to take care of gas in babies. It can work in only five minutes. It may soothe your baby effectively in almost no time.

Make certain you ask your baby’s doctor before feeding anything except breast milk. If you are giving juice then only give them natural juice. Be certain that you ask your physician about the number and the fruit you should give to your baby.

Do not give any medicine to your baby without your doctor’s consultation. If your baby is crying constantly and feeling a great deal of discomfort then you should visit the physician immediately.


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