Heavy Alcohol Consumption May Slow Brain Growth

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Continuous consumption of alcohol can affect your organs in many ways. Binge drinking on a regular basis may lead to some serious health issues and even organ failure. Heavy alcohol consumption may also decrease the rate of one’s brain development.

As per a recent study, heavy use of alcohol among teenagers in addition to adults can slow down the speed of growth in developing brains.

The analysis was published in a journal called eNeuro. The research observed that individuals who consumed alcohol at large quantity showed a reduced growth of the brain by 0.25 millimeters per year for each and every gram of alcohol consumed per kilogram of body fat. That is to say, it can be estimated around four beers every day.

The study was conducted on non-human primates.

For the study 71 rhesus macaques were analyzed who consumed ethanol or alcohol drink voluntarily. Magnetic resonance imaging was used by scientists to measure the growth of the volunteer’s brain. The observations were made by focusing some variable such as the quantity of alcohol consumption, diet, daily activities and healthcare. There were few other researches which were conducted to inspect the effect of an excessive amount of alcohol intake on one’s brain development.

“Human studies derive from self-reporting of underage drinkers. Our steps stabilize alcohol drinking with an impaired brain growth,” said the co-author of this study Christopher Kroenke.

The analysis further also reasoned that a long term effect of alcohol consumption on the brain can’t be concluded because an adult brain does not grow after a certain period.


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