Holi 2019: Tips to Safeguard Your Skin from Harsh Colours

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In this festive everybody is filled with colors and observes the festival with complete joy. Even if you try you can’t escape from the colour because it’s everywhere. People are often concerned about their skin throughout the festival since the colours used during Holi can leave a negative influence on your skin due to the compounds within the colors. But this will not stop you from enjoying the festival. Here are a few strategies to take care of your skin during Holi that can help you protect your skin from the damage.

Apply oil properly

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Take some oil and apply it properly throughout your body especially to the body parts which are exposed to colours. This will make your skin oily and won’t enable the color settle deep into your skin. It will also make it easier to clean colours. Oil will produce a thin layer on your skin which will protect your skin from direct contact type colors.

Cover most of your body components

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The less your system is subjected to colors the lower are the odds of skin damage. Wear complete sleeved clothes and full-length bottoms. Clothes would be the best method to reduce exposure to colors as far as you can.

Oil your hair

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Not just your skin your hair also need protection from the potential harm. Apply oil into your hair properly. It will not allow the colour stick to your own hair. It’s also advisable to produce a bun while enjoying Holi to protect your own hair. You could also cover your hair with a cap or even a scarf.

Apply nail polish

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You should also protect your nails out of colours. Nail polish will protect your nails. It will stop the colour from entering deep inside your skin .

Protect your ears

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The colours often enter your ears which is quite hard to wash. Before playing with colors, all you want to do is take some petroleum jelly and then apply it on the outer part of your ears. It will make the outer area of your ears greasy which will prevent the color from penetrating inside your ears.

Do not stay in wet clothes

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Wet clothes may also result in irritation and rashes. Change your clothes and do not remain in wet clothing for long. You can also catch a cold if you stay in wet clothing during the day,

Protect your eyes

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Your eyes are very delicate. While playing with colors do not let the colors enter your eyes. Keep them away from the sensitive eyes. Wear sunglasses during the day.

Should you face any kind of problem, irritation or allergy on your skin, you must consult with a physician. If the colours enter your eyes and you do not sense any type of relief after washing your eyes thoroughly then also you must pay a visit to your doctor immediately. Additionally, buy natural and organic colours to celebrate Holi.


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