Home Remedies to Soothe Heel Pain

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There may be several reasons for heel pain. It may be mild, acute or may also lead to disability. Heel pain can be very discomforting. You may also experience inflammation along with the pain. You are able to try out some home remedies to treat heel pain.


Ice can help you treat heel pain. Take a ice pack or you could just take couple of ice cubes and then wrap them into a towel and keep it on your heel for 15-20 minutes. Repeat this two or thrice a day to get greater outcomes. It is not only going to cure the pain but may also reduce inflammation.


You may have heard that many times which you ought to wear your right size. You should wear the footwear that fits you properly. Also, make sure that the footwear is comfortable enough. Buy shoes that provide you the right support. Avoid wearing heels if you’re experiencing chronic heel pain because it will trigger the pain. Additionally, ensure that you do not walk barefoot to get a long.


If you have an excessive amount of pain you are able to wear a night splint. It will support your ankle and foot. It’ll keep your foot in the appropriate position and reduce further pain. It is going to also stretch the foot as you are sleeping. You can also wear knee supporter to cure the pain.

If you stand continuously without taking rest afterward the pain will become severe. Try to rest as far as possible. Avoid standing for long hours. Along with rest, you should also do some stretching exercises. It is possible to rotate your foot in various directions to elongate the muscles. If your pain becomes severe then you must consult your doctor and take medications accordingly.


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