Homemade Hair Serum: 5 Techniques you must Strive

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Every Girl dreams of Sleek, smooth, long and Powerful hair.

Sooner or later you will understand that squandering so much cash in salons for becoming healthy looking hair really is unsatisfactory. So what’s the solution? Here are five amazing hair serum recipes that are totally natural and homemade.


Method of prep

Rough hair is just one of the largest hair problems but today you’ve got a solution of having silky smooth hair very quickly. Standard use of this mixture will remove the dry by causing natural moisture within it. It’s a natural procedure to receive smooth and glowing hair.

Homemade serum for hair


  • Coconut oil-2 tbsp
  • coconut oil- 2 tbsp
  • Soy oil- 2 tbsp
  • Jojoba oil- 2 tbsp

Method of Planning

If you truly despise those waves in your hair, you need to try this wonderful hair serum. Have a large bowl and then pour all of your natural oils . Blend them well. Warm up the mixed mixture a bit and apply thoroughly in your own hair. Maintain the mix for 15 to 20 minutes and then after clean your own hair with a gentle shampoo.

Homemade serum for powerful hair


  • Grapeseed oil- 8 tbsp
  • lavender petroleum – 10 drops
  • Vitamin E pill – two

Method of prep

Pour peppermint oil right into a medium-sized jar and include lavender oil into it. Open the vitamin E capsules and then insert in the oil mix. Now, shake the bottle well and begin utilizing the serum in your own hair. It’s a super powerful hair serum which may make you dry and fragile hair strong and healthy.

Homemade serum for glistening hair


  • Avocado oil — 4 tbsp
  • Jojoba oil — two tbsp
  • Almond oil — two tbsp
  • Argan oil — two tbsp
  • Grapeseed oil — two tbsp

Method of prep

Your home made serum for glistening and shiny hair is totally prepared. Employ a bit following hair wash and maintain it in a little container should you would like to. It’s a ideal alternative for dull and dead hair.


Method planning

Everybody talks about treatment and care for hair but what to do to curly ones. This refrigerated ready hair serum can allow you to keep you curly hair obviously. Add drops of peppermint oil into the coconut oil and blend them well with spoon. Your compound free radicals for curled hair is prepared. But you need to apply this exclusive formulation on somewhat moist hair. For better results clean your hair with warm water so you can easily see the difference.


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