How to Increase Height Naturally


If you were to ask somebody what it is they would like to change about their appearance, most would reply saying that they wouldn’t mind be taller. What you and they may not realize is that even though your teen years have gone there are numerous natural ways for you to increase your height if you want. In this article we offer just a few tips on how to increase height naturally in a relatively short space of time.

Food is fuel for the body, but knowing what fuels your body needs for what particular jobs you set for it, that part is critical. You don’t give your body what it needs to perform the job you want it to do (build muscles, or grow taller, or slim down) then it can’t perform its function or at least not well. One of the keys concepts in how to increase height naturally is the right fuel for the job at hand – getting taller.

You need to take a close look at your diet and see what you are eating. Then make changes so that you begin to eat more of the foods which help to increase the levels of growth hormones your body produces. For example eat a nice chicken salad sandwich around 2 hours before you exercise. Of all the ways to increase height naturally not only is one of the simplest ways of doing so, but also one of the most effective.

Many a times we consume items like antibiotics, drugs and other items that act as growth inhibitors. Knowing the growth inhibitors properly and avoiding them is a step towards growing taller naturally.

Stretching by hanging vertically for as little as 10 minutes daily will not only give the vertebral discs time to expand to their natural thickness but this stretching exercise will also relieve some other medical problems such as pain in the neck and lower back as well. Surprisingly people who perform these spinal stretching exercises have been able top cure sleep apnea as well as alcoholism too.

If you follow these guidelines on the daily basis, you will surely increase height naturally. One more thing that works well is relaxing your mind. You can best relax yourself by taking good sleep. Carefully do these practices and if you see some response, still stick to it, if you further want to increase your height.

Calcium is another vital supplement to promote bone growth and development. Thus, calcium must form part of your everyday diet. Dairy products contain calcium. Your chances of growing taller are considerably increased if you have a good intake of calcium. This is one way how to increase height naturally.

Proper diet will not make your bones bigger like some people claim-its’ main benefit is that it causes you to weigh less which tends to reduce the pressure on your spinal cord. This tends to make it straighten out which is how to gain more height. In addition to diet, don’t forget…

An increase in your height, thus, is quite possible. Although it can be hampered by age, but your years should not be a limiting factor – if you have the will and the enthusiasm to exercise and maintain a regulated diet.

Lastly another thing that is commonly overlooked is diet. Just by changing some foods in your diet you can increase your height or at least improve your chances of doing so. You should eat a lot of protein and calcium for best results and if you look up online you will be able to see some diet plans that you can use!


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