How to Reduce Pain And Inflammation Naturally


Inflammation is the body’s first reaction when your immune system detects an infection, physical trauma, injury, disturbance or any anomalies inside or outside your body.

Basically, having an inflammation tells you that something went wrong with your body. Common signs and symptoms of having an inflammation are warmth, redness, swollen body part and pain.

Sounds scary, There’s no need to be afraid! There are natural ways on how you can reduce inflammation naturally following these do-it-yourself steps, precautions, and recommendations.

Get adequate amount of sleep.

Sleeping is a good way to allow your entire body system to rest and allow time to heal from all the stresses your body concurred throughout the day. Sleeping hours may vary based on your activities of daily living, overall health, age and many other factors.

Experts highly recommend that the ample amount of rest should range between 6 to 12 hours of sleep per day. Give up on your favorite late night show and go for a relaxing deep sleep instead.

Get on your feet!

Doing physical activities, exercise or range of motion (ROM) activities can help to naturally reduce muscle and joint inflammation.

Engage in any activity or sport that you enjoy the most. It could be tennis, golf, ballroom dancing, yoga or any physical activity that pleases you. The bottom line is you need to move around, get your legs, feet, muscles and joints moving and have some fun.

Stop smoking!

Whoever said that smoking can bring a lot of benefit to your health,

Smoking and nicotine found on cigarettes promotes hardening of the arteries and can increase CRP or C-reaction protein which is secreted by the liver and is a common response to inflammation.

Quit smoking now and it could help save you from lung and heart disease.

Go for fruits and veggies.

Craving for an ice cream, pizza and fries, They may seem very delicious and enjoyable but it is not highly recommended to eat these high saturated or fatty foods.

Increasing your intake of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables can help reduce inflammation to your body. Fruits and vegetables are known to possess high amounts of fiber and contain anti-inflammation properties which dramatically help reduce inflammation naturally.

Introduce yourself to omega-3 fatty acids.

Adding essential fatty acids or (EFAs) can help lessen chronic inflammation. Switch your cooking oil and go for olive oil when cooking. Opt for fish like salmon, sardines and tuna. They contain high levels of omega 3 which helps to lower inflammation and also promote a healthy heart.

Eating vegetables such as spinach, winter squash, broccoli and mangosteen, whole grains and nuts are also said to lower levels of inflammation.

Our modern diet may not contain sufficient amounts of EFA that can help decrease inflammation. Taking supplements that contain omega 3, high levels of antioxidants or Betalains may aid in reducing chronic inflammation.

It’s always best to seek consultation with your physician to help you find the best supplements that can help you.

Remember not to only rely on these supplements but make it a point to also get adequate sleep, increase your EFA intake, exercise moderately and live a healthy lifestyle.


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