ICC World Cup 2019: Despite Injury, Opener Shikhar Dhawan Hits the Fitness Center to Get Back to Fitness.

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His stellar performance in the next match of ICC World Cup 2019 against Australia obtained him worldwide applause. However, the Indian opener doesn’t believe in sitting peace. Despite a thumb injury because of which he is not playing any more matches until the following announcement, Dhawan lately hit the gym with the identical enthusiasm and vigour. He recently posted a movie of his work out with a bandage on his thumb, ensuring his fitness levels aren’t compromised due to an injury.

He captioned his video on Twitter as – You can make these scenarios your nightmare or use it an opportunity to bounce back. Thank you for each of the retrieval messages from everyone.

Update on Injury

Dhawan got injured while playing against Australia. It had been diagnosed for a hairline fracture after the examination. Owing to his surgery, he was not included in the match against New Zealand and also the gripping match involving India and Pakistan. Even, he will not be playing the game against Afghanistan on June 22. As a cover-up for him, Rishabh Pant, wicketkeeper and batsmen, will be covering up for him during the team’s training sessions as of today. His entry in the clinic session will happen only when Dhawan will be declared unfit for the remaining matches.

Exercising With Injury

It’s a entire myth that one can’t practice with an injury in hand. Inspiring huge numbers of people throughout the globe, Shikhar Dhawan has shown how an injury ought never to be an alibi not to exercise and workout. Taking a cue in the 31-year-old India’s opening batsmen; below are a Few of the exercises Which Can Be done with a broken thumb:

Lunges: Lunges doesn’t involve using palms. It’s a body-weight exercise, which uses a leg at a time. It works best on hips, hamstrings, heart and the inner thigh muscles. It helps in enhancing the strength of the body.

Running: The easiest of exercises, running is 1 exercise which may be done if your palms have an injury. On the other hand, the speed should be modified in accordance with the strength of the damage. Ensure that the hand motion is as modest as possible.

Hip Thrust: A workout essential to improve body strength, this exercise helps open the hip muscles.

Skater Jump: This type of exercise involves jumping from one side to another. It’s a full-body workout, which can help lose weight and boost endurance.

Precautions To be Taken

Below are some precautions to be taken while exercising if You’ve Got a thumb injury:
  • Ensure that the injured hand and thumb gets the least movement
  • Keep having water when working out to Make Certain You are dehydrated
  • Use weights and complex health machines just under the oversight
  • Take advice from your physician as to what exercises may be done with a thumb injury
  • Don’t exercise without a cast or a bandage


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