Is it Possible to Increase Height And Restart Growth


There can be little doubt that culturally and socially taller is better. Studies show taller people earn more live longer and are generally happier than their shorter counterparts. And of course there is no denying that most Women prefer taller partners. Yes all in all most of us would agree that having a few inches of height above friends, relatives and colleagues is a desirable thing.

Generally most people stop growing around the age of 21 and with very few exceptions you can pretty much guarantee that if your only five foot three at age 22 you’re not getting any taller!

So if you’re unhappy with your height is there anything that you can do, Well growth has pretty much ceased. There are some that claim that there are pharmaceutical means to increase height. True that during puberty giving human growth hormone can increase height. In fact the treatment of dwarfism in children is the main reason for its prescription. But what effect does it have on growth in adults, And can it lead to an increase in height, Another major market for growth hormone is the illicit use by bodybuilders. While it’s been shown that it can reliably increase muscle there has never been a single report of it increasing height. Also the cost of growth hormone is extremely prohibitive not to mention the potential side effects of taking a powerful prescription drug.

There is a nutritional supplement that gets touted as a potentially being able to ‘re-ignite’ growth and increase height. Arginine. Arginine is an amino acid and there is anecdotal evidence that it can release growth hormone. But can it increase height, Considering the effects of prescription growth hormone, It’s doubtful that a pill you can buy over the counter would be anymore effective. There is also a potentially nasty side effect to consider, in that it can aid the replication of the herpes virus in people who have the dormant condition.

So, are there any other methods of increasing height to consider, While it doesn’t promote growth there are two surgical options that could be explored. The first is rather invasive and extreme. You can literally stretch the leg bones! I will let you imagine the discomfort of this particular procedure and the possible long term site effects. Not to mention the fact that for most people any increase in height will be far less than an inch! There is a second procedure, silicone implants (no not there, though I imagine it would distract people from your height). You can have silicon pads implanted in the soles of your feet! Again any gains would be less than an inch, but you have to wonder if it would make walking long distances more comfortable!

If surgery and drugs isn’t your cup of tea and you’re looking for a quick temporary fix, why not consider lifts. These slip comfortably into your shoe and can give the illusion of an extra two inches of height. Admittedly they don’t enhance growth in any fashion, but they are a cheap, quick effective method of giving yourself an extra few inches of height.

Is there a safe, simple, effective way of increasing one’s height, Well there’s always exercise. Your spine accounts for 30% of your height. Stooping and bad posture can mean a difference of inches. You would be amazed what a specific specialised routine can accomplish. There are disciplines like the Alexandra technique, stretching, yoga and Pilates that can improve posture and can have a dramatic impact on your height. There are reports of gains of up to four inches after following specialised routines.

Growth pretty much ceases after a point, however if your unhappy with your height there are a few options to explore.


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