Kratom A New Herbal Painkiller


A herb that has been used for thousands of years in South East Asia might well be the most important painkiller since opiates were first discovered by western medicine several hundred years ago.Kratom A New Herbal Painkiller

Problems with opiates

Opiates work on the brain by effectively lying to your nervous system and telling it that there is no pain coming from the source (perhaps injury or cancer pain). These differ from Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory (NSAID) medication that goes to work on the inflammation and reduces the pain itself. One of the results of using opiates is that the user can injure themselves even more, unaware that they are due to the opiates ‘lying’ to their brain.

Another problem with opiates is that the more you use them, the more you need to tackle the same amount of pain. This means that even ordinary people prescribed pain pills by their doctor can form opiate habits and become hooked on opiates. It is estimated that 30 million people in the US have formed opiate habits due to their MDs over prescribing them.

A final problem that opiates cause is withdrawal symptoms should you wish to come off them. This is commonly known as ‘cold turkey’ and makes reducing the dose you take a very uncomfortable experience.

Kratom – the answer to opiates?

Kratom has molecules that bind to the same nerve receptors as morphine, codeine and other opiate medicines. This means that they lie to the brain as well. However, kratom also has other molecules that tackle inflammation in the same way as NSAIDs do, meaning that unlike opiates, it reduces the damage done to the body. Unlike opiates this means that the user can perhaps mobilise an affected limb without damaging the injury any further. A company has just won a license from the European Union authorities to make an anti-inflammatory cream – this is due to the effects of kratom on the body.

Kratom is also non-habit forming. The newest research shows that kratom doesn’t require increased doses to manage the same ailments that it is used for. It has been used for hundreds of years by indigenous peoples of SE Asia to tackle their opium addiction as well.

Unlike opiates people find that they aren’t sedated and lying around after taking a dose to tackle their pain. Indeed, kratom is a stimulant so this means that users can go about their everyday lives such as going to work and looking after their families. This is one of the key reasons why kratom could well be the best breakthrough medicine since opiates for pain.

Buying kratom?

You can find kratom for sale in the US from online stores and some pharmacies. Once you have bought a supply, you infuse the dried leaves in hot water as you might a green tea. Buy kratom in the US to see what we are on about – it could change your life forever!


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