Managing Rheumatoid Arthritis


Managing rheumatoid arthritis is easier said than done for the RA sufferers. Early symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis include fatigue due to stress caused by acute pain, anemia or depression that may be part of this condition.

RA can make an everyday activity like taking a shower or changing your dress a herculean task and only a sufferer can understand the agony that is experienced while doing these tasks. Mothers with little babies would find it difficult to carry them and you can imagine the mental worry due to this inability.

Initially you might mistake the pain that occurs for instance in the wrist to be a sprain, but if the pain starts every morning despite a good night’s sleep,it is most likely to be RA. The joints (the pain shifts from the wrist to all the other joints in a haphazard manner) become swollen and inflamed causing deep, throbbing pain and hamper your regular chores.

The RA sufferer has to face many challenges in life – physical, mental, emotional and also financial. Physical challenges come in the form of the domestic and work place responsibilities when you cannot even lift an object or even your baby for that matter.

When your physical challenges become too much to handle, your mental agony starts. When relationships start getting affected because of your condition, it becomes an emotional challenge.

And of course, the cost of treatment for RA has to be considered, otherwise it would become a financial burden on you. With so many challenges to face, RA sufferers struggle to get out of their painful condition and to lead a normal life.

Physical examination, blood samples and an x-ray as advised by your GP will determine the extent of damage done due to RA.

Simple exercises can make your life better. Always remember that resting the painful joints will only increase the stiffness and something has to be done to relax the muscles and joints in order to mitigate the pain. Appropriate exercise is the only solution to this problem although drugs do help to a certain extent.

But the problem with drugs is that dependability on them makes you addicted to them and gradually their effect on RA also decreases; there may be some side-effects too which, in the long run may damage the joints permanently. Keeping this in mind, you should try to seek natural remedies to RA as any natural treatment will be free from side-effects.

Magnetic therapy is one of the most ancient methods of treatment used to alleviate pain due to RA. Millions of people have found great relief from pain by this method. Magnetic therapy involves use of high strength magnets that are powerful enough to act on the tissues and cells in order to reduce the pain and give you great relief thereby helping you in managing rheumatoid arthritis.

With pain reduction you would start feeling normal once again so that you can carry on your regular duties and this makes you feel confident and develop a zest for life. Your quality of life will improve and you will be happier once again.

Stay positive and seek treatment at the early stages of the condition,and you’ll be better off managing work and family and putting up with the complications associated with RA. Good support and understanding from the family members will help things to improve both in the domestic and office front.

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