National Dengue Day 2019: Protect your kids with these steps

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National Dengue Day has been indicated on 16 May, by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India to highlight the requirement to prevent the spread of the illness. Dengue is responsible for a large number of deaths every year. By means of this day the government tries to make people conscious of the various actions to prevent dengue. Many cases of dengue results in the death of the individual. Kids are also prone to dengue. Since kids have a growing immune system, they’re unable to resist the disease effectively which contributes to severe complications. To avert such a situation you need to be well prepared for the situation. Each year you need to be well prepared to conquer the scenario well. You should safeguard your children especially. You need to prevent your kids with a few measures and steps to ensure their good health. Here are some steps which you can follow to protect your kids.

It is the very first step you ought to follow to fight dengue. House is the first area that you should consider cleaning. You should keep your every corner of your house clean. While cleaning your house you ought to be certain there you do not store water in open. Uncovered water increasing the breeding of these mosquitoes. Be certain that you keep water covered. Also don’t keep the identical water saved for many days. Store water depending on your ordinary use only. Eliminate al the factors that could promote breeding inside.

Dress to protect

You need to reduce the area exposed to mosquito bites. You should make your kids wear complete sleeved clothes. Also keep in mind that the clothes are comfortable so that your child doesn’t experience any kind of skin problems.

Take prevention measures before stepping outside

You cannot keep your children indoors all the time. They’ll step out of the home for something or another. For such inevitable situations you need to keep your kids prepared. Use mosquito repellents and like dyes, stains, oils as well as other alternative available in the marketplace.

Know the Indicators

To control the disease efficiently you must control the progression of this illness. You should know the signs of dengue very well so you can see to your child after few first symptoms only. Early treatment means greater protection. If you observe some symptoms in your child during dengue outbreak then you should immediately take your child to your doctor.

Prevent travelling

During the outbreak, you should avoid traveling to epidemic areas. Do not make plans and see such places which may increase the odds of becoming contaminated of you and your loved ones. Try to stay inside as much as you can.


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