Not All Grow Taller Pills Are Created Equal


Time and again, advertisements are shown on television that tout the advantages of one or the other growing pills, promising that this one or that will cause you to sprout up six inches in six months or less. Unfortunately, despite all the promises that these pills carry, most these are just as good as placebos or as dangerous as poisons or hypervitaminosis to your body.

So what really works, For those that consider themselves height-challenged, what methods truly work are a very painful and tortuous limb lengthening, which involves repeated breaking and stretching of the bones, exercises to stimulate circulation, human growth hormone pills or injections that are administered by your personal medical physician. All the rest are quacks.

Even then, the desired growth is not guaranteed, nor should specific results be expected unless you plan to grow by about two inches or less when your leg bones are broken several times over the period of a few months to a year. Depending on your age, the health of your bones, your own physical health level, the diet you have currently been following, and your genes, it may give you a little bit of growth or none at all.

So are all of those pills a scam, Well, yes and no. Vitamin supplements like B-complex mega doses and the natural substitute, Chlorella Growth Factor, will stimulate the production of essential amino acids that are used by proteins as the building blocks of bones and muscle tissue. So, if given at precisely the right time of a growth spurt or during the natural growing period, it can help enhance the growth process slightly.

However, the genes play a major part in determining the rate of growth and the final height itself. If a child is born to a family of predominantly short people, then the chance of him reaching a height of six-foot six is slim, no matter what kind of pills or human growth hormones are pumped into him. This does not follow if the parents are one of the “little people” as they usually have normal-sized children and grandchildren. This is a deviation of the norm, and not a common circumstance.

So, given with the right medical supervision, a person can expect an enhanced growth pattern with a medically-prescribed growth pill. But just taking the pill will not work, however. The person still needs to follow a healthy lifestyle, one that will give the body enough nutrients it needs to sustain the growth. Furthermore, a safe exercise program should be followed to the letter, allowing just enough stress to the body to stimulate the natural growth hormones but not so much as to severely break down the muscles where it needs a longer period of rebuilding.

These pills are usually paired with doses of Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, hence the medical supervision needed for the patient. These can be further boosted by the body’s own natural HGH that are created with supplements like chlorella, moderate and supervised exercise, and enough sleep.

Unscrupulous marketers are notorious for passing off exogenous or anabolic growth hormones aside from illegal substances that are peddled as growth hormones. These are illegal and would never be prescribed by any medical practitioner. So, if you want thick, gray, and hairy skin, dull and rough hair, and a lop-sided development of your muscles, then all you need to do is take any old growth hormone that is offered to you.

Grow taller pills are great products if you get the right ones. Do not go for those which the doctor will never advise to give or for you to even to consider. Get ones that they would give to increase the body’s metabolism.


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