Obtain Your Spine Treated Without Surgery

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Largely every individual is now Fighting Irregular schedules, heavy workload and strenuous working hours.

With kids falling prey to sever back associated problems; several new treatments are making sense for fast and easy recovery.

Advised complete bed rest to prevent additional worsening of his condition, is the only earning member of the household, Singh began getting worried about his son’s future. Speaking about this illness, Neuro Surgeon Dr Manish Vaishya, Fortis Hospital says,”The lower thoracic area endures the deepest mechanical forces, and consequently failure of disks is more common in contrast to other regions. It’s a type of spinal illness, presenting itself in the kind of numbness or tingling, weakness of affected muscles, severe back pain and pain radiating towards the thighs.”

Do not strain your back

Experts point out that although the backbone is strong enough to support the upper body, a prolonged strain can lead to serious health issues linked to the back. With increasing work hours, stressful lifestyles and more desk tasks, nowadays there is considerable pressure on the backbone, leading to its quicker degeneration. Furthermore, a low calcium diet and habits like smoking, alcohol intake and improper posture have contributed to the growth in spinal problems, particularly in younger individuals.

About herniated disc

Structurallyour backbone is a long bony structure made up of 33 vertebrae attached with a spongy disk called inter-vertebral disk. In comparison to other musculoskeletal cells, discs tend to degenerate earlier, and it has been discovered that with age there is an related degeneration of the inter-vertebral discs2.

When there is degeneration, the disc breaks down, along with the fluid flows from the outer center of the disk, also known as a herniated disc.

“Spinal surgeries take some time in healing. With the arrival of Minimally Invasive Spinal Technology (MAST) has made spine surgeries less complicated, quick, safe, cost-effective and pain-free,” says Dr Vaishya.

About MAST

In a study published in Journal of Spine (2013) to probe into the efficacy of minimal access spine surgeries, it was discovered that when compared to conventional open operations, these innovative surgical procedures provide better clinical outcomes in terms of postoperative recovery and return to normal functions3.

Explaining the procedure, Dr Vaishya says,”MAST is carried out by making two or three small openings, and the patient can return to his regular routine after recovery. The highly innovative cutting edge gear used in this kind of operation not just makes MAST possible but also contributes to an element of efficacy in the entire procedure. The spine problems, which is almost completely corrected with MAST are:


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