Powerful Ways to Wash Off the Holi Colour

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Holi is one of the most festivals.

Everyone eagerly waits for the festival and celebrates it with full enthusiasm. But after enjoying the festival into the fullest there is another big task that follows which is removing the colors from the skin. People are fully coated with colors from head to toe and it becomes hard for the person to clean it. Rubbing your skin with soap and water is not the solution. It can harm your skin in various ways. But you need to get rid of all of the colour because Holi colours are loaded with chemicals which can damage your skin and hair. But do not worry anymore it is possible to remove colour from skin and hair with some simple home remedies with no side effects.

  • Don’t use warm water to eliminate Holi colours. Hot water makes it tricky to remove colors whereas cold water can be very helpful.
  • Do not use a lot of soap to eliminate the stubborn colours. You often wind up washing your face again and again with soap that leads dryness. Thus do not rub soap over and over.
  • Don’t shampoo your hair quickly. Employ egg yolk or curd to your own hair and massage gently for a while. After washing apply oil to your hair to keep up the moisture. It will decrease hair damage and will keep your hair smooth.
  • Try lemon to remove colour from your skin. Lemon has moisturizing properties that will aid in lessening the impact of the colours. Keep this glue for half an hour and later wash it with water.

You could also combine lemon juice and honey in equal quantities and use it all over your skin and keep it for a couple of minutes. Honey will also make your skin smooth as it will moisturise your skin. Use distinct face packs and mask to pamper skin. You can also create your own face bunch using multanimitti. Add couple drops of rose water into the multanimitti package for better results.

You might also make face packs with new fruits for best outcomes. Fresh fruits are loaded with goodness that can help you re-nourish your skin and will provide vital nourishment to your skin directly. You can use fruits like papaya or banana on your homemade face pack.

  • Do not forget to apply moisturiser regularly after Holi because colors often make skin moist. Normal use of oil or moisturiser can allow you to keep your skin healthy.

If you face any kind of irritation or allergies because of Holi colours then you have to visit a physician.


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