Reasons Why You Need to Give Cow’s Milk to Kids


Milk is an essential part of kids’ diet.

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It’s very necessary during the initial growing years. Forgood growth and advancement, you should serve milk to your kids regularly. Kidsbelow one year mainly depend on breast milk. For children over two years, it ispossible to serve them cow’s milk. Cow’s milk will provide the necessarynourishment to your children. It will promote their general growth and willassist in building strong teeth and bones. It will also boost immunity inchildren. Cow’s milk is also famous for lowering the risk of different diseaseslike diabetes and cardiovascular ailments. It can also gets rid of inflammationand stimulates expansion. Cow’s milk is considered very healthy for kids. Youhave to introduce cow’s milk to your kids as soon as they turn . It will makesure they receive optimal nutrients for their proper growth and development.

Health benefits of cow’s milk for children

The best source of calcium

Cow’s milk is an excellent source of calcium. Children need the proper quantity of calcium in their developing years for good growth of bones and teeth. Additionally, it assists in maintaining your child’s muscles healthy. Calcium deficiency may result in headaches and feeble bones in children. You should be certain your child drinks enough milk to stay healthy. Cow’s milk also contains vitamin D which helps in the absorption of calcium. Not just calcium cow’s milk can be rich in potassium. Potassium will also provide power to bones and muscles. It will also prevent fatigue, Fatigue and constipation.

Provides growth hormone

Cow’s milk is also one of the best sources of growth hormone. Various studies have claimed that cow’s milk increases the degree of growth hormone in children which causes bones that are healthy. According to the studies, children who consume cow’s milk increase taller than those who don’t. It stimulates growth hormones and helps in the total development of the kids.

Full of vitamin B

Additionally, it encouraged cell metabolism. Cow’s milk also contains vitamin A that ensures appropriate development of eyes. It improves eyesight and preserves it for lifetime.

Promotes heart health

Along with bone health, calcium also promotes heart health. The right amount of calcium decreases the risk of heart ailments in children. Cow’s milk prevents hypertension and aids in regulating the blood flow to vital organs. You ought to give cow’s milk to your children to reduce the possibility of growth of any kind of cardiovascular disease.

Other foods that you should inculcate in your kids’ diet

Foods you should not give to your children

  • Fast foods
  • Carbonated drinks such as soda or soft drinks
  • Highly processed foods like chips, candies and instant noodles
  • Fatty food items like cheese
  • Oily and hot meals


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