Reasons why your toe keeps cramping


We’ve got all suffered from these abrupt and strange muscle spasms in the foot, which just seems out of nowhere and leave your feet stiff. These cramps can be quite uncomfortable, although they are hardly ever harmful.Usually these cramps aka “Charley Horses” increase in frequency as we get old but some other factors may also bring them on. Let’s see what causes them and how can they be prevented.

Keeping yourself hydrated is probably the first step you want to consider when suffering from any kind of muscle cramps. Together with water, your body also loses electrolytes, which play an important role in many bodily functions including muscle movements. Make sure you drink enough water to keep these cramps at bay.

If you have been overexerting your muscles by exercising more than normal, or simply walking around a whole lot, it may lead to muscle cramps at nighttime. It’s almost always a fantastic idea to pace yourself and increase the intensity of your workouts steadily, this will give your muscles a opportunity to adapt.

The contraction and relaxation of muscles is what bring about movement of your body components, and certain electrolytes such as magnesium, potassium and calcium are essential for this process. Deficiency of these minerals can also lead to muscle cramps.

Certain medication can lead to muscle spasms and pains. If you are on any medications right now, you might want to notify your doctor about these side effects. Usually toe cramps induced by medicines go away once you stop taking them.

The incorrect shoes
You spend a considerable portion of your day in them, if the shoes are not right for you it is definitely going to show up in the kind of pain or muscle stiffness. If the cramps are getting bad, then try switching to flat shoes for a couple of days. The shoe should fit the arch of the foot and should neither be too soft nor too difficult.

It is most likely the most ignored body part when it comes to exercising or stretching. It is important to stretch and move the feet around, especially as we age. Wiggle your toes, spread them out, point them, flex them, do whatever feels best as long asyou stretch those muscles.


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