Signs that your core muscles are weak


Do you know the lower back along with glutes and hips play role in your core power? Any weakness in these muscles may lead to a number of issues.

Poor posture is a very clear indication of having a poor core. The muscles which make up your abdomen and lower back assist in stabilizing the pelvis spine that in return helps keep your upper back and shoulders in a neutral position. Lack of strength in these muscles causes you to get slouchy posture.

Another indication of the weak heart is a pain in lower back. When you are heart is not robust or balanced as it should be, the curvature of your lumbar spine is likely to change. The slightest pressure in the bottoms makes your spine as well the muscles more prone to injury.

3Weak arms or legs

Weakness in legs and arms may also indicate that your heart muscles are weak. If you find it difficult to throw a ball or landing a punch, it means that your core strength is not strong.

4Inability to hollow your stomach

Another potential indication of weak heart muscles is that the inability to hollow your stomach. Just take a deep breath and as you exhale, try to pull your belly button in toward your spine. Hold it for few seconds or till the count of 10 and then, release. If can not sustain the hold for the entire count, this means that your core is weak.


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