Signs Your Body Provides You to Add More Fiber to Your Diet


A balanced diet will Supply you all the necessary nutrients Your body needs.

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Fiber is a vital part of a person’s diet. You may have heard it lots of times to consume more fiber. Fiber helps in many essential functions of the human body. If your body is not getting enough fiber you might face many problems. You must include fiber rich foods in your diet for a wholesome living. If you’re confused that you are eating enough fiber or not below are some hints that you must watch out for. These indications could indicate a lack of fiber in your diet plan.

Constant constipation

Constipation is the very first symptom of absence of fiber in your diet plan. Fiber is responsible for the appropriate functioning of the digestive tract. It enhances digestion and ensures proper bowel movement. You have to eat enough fiber to maintain a healthy gut. Along with fiber, you must drink enough to maintain the digestion process.

Hungry all the time

Fiber keeps your belly complete. When you don’t eat enough fiber you might feel hungry even only after your meal. This may further lead to consumption of unneeded calories. Fiber should be a mandatory part of your diet to reduce those extra hunger pangs.

Weight gain

If you don’t eat enough fiber you are feeling hungry all of the time which will make you eat more. Consumption of unnecessary calories will lead to unintentional weight reduction. If you are attempting to lose weight you should make sure you consume enough fiber to keep your weight balanced. You can pick several fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber and low in calories to maintain your weight loss progress.

High blood sugar levels

When you eat less fiber you’re more likely to have diabetes. Lack of fiber raises your glucose levels. Consuming a fiber rich diet can help you prevent diabetes. If you currently have diabetes then it may become hard for you to keep your blood sugar if you have less fiber. Individuals suffering from diabetes should have more fiber to maintain the glucose levels.

High cholesterol

Less fiber may also lead to an increase in cholesterol. Fiber helps you flushing out excess cholesterol in your body. High cholesterol can further lead to additional health issues. Deficiency of fiber will not simply raise cholesterol levels but will also make you feel tired, weak and nauseous quite often.

Some fiber rich foods which you can include in your diet are:

Whole grains:

Signs Your Body Provides You to Add More Fiber to Your Diet

Whole grains are the best source of fiber. You may add whole grains easily to your diet. Change white pasta with whole wheat and white rice for brown rice. A cup of those grains contains 3.5 grams of fiber.

Legumes and beans:

You can add beans and legumes on your salad and salad. Not only fiber you will also receive other essential nutrients such as protein from legumes and beans.

Berries : Vegetables are extremely healthful.

Fruit salad:

Starting daily with berries along with your favorite fruits may be the best thing. A cup of raspberries has about a third of your daily fiber requirements. In case you’ve got a sweet tooth, replace dessert with fruit. A medium-sized pear has roughly 5.5. grams of fiber. Other fruits full of fiber are- apples, oranges, carrots, mangoes, and strawberries.


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