Tantric Yoga for soulful onnection of Couples

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Tantric Yoga

Tantric yoga is much more than bedroom gymnastics that most Men and Women Presume it to be.

It is a chance to change experiences of someone’s life and love. Tantric yoga is 1 way a two human being can connect with each other when engaged in with extreme sincerity. A person must start connecting with their fan with whom they share a profound relationship to be able to take it into the next level.

To connect on a deeper level, an individual can connect on an external level . Here’s how to connect with your lover via tantric yoga.

Relax with your fan

Learning to relax together is a simple yet powerful method of linking with your lover. You will relax together by engaging in activities together that both of you believe is relaxing like listening to music with each other, holding each other, discussing the way both of you fulfilled etc..

Make yourself vulnerable

Making oneself vulnerable is an advanced method, but well worth an attempt if you’re adamant about linking deeply. Start by being honest with yourself and your lover. The first step to doing practicing being honest with yourself and your partner is by giving attention to the sort of sensations that arise in your body. As you become experienced with identifying your own feelings, share it with each other. Experiences may be both pleasant and unpleasant and it is crucial that you also discuss the unpleasant encounters with your spouse.

Soul connecting

To practice this, look to your partner’s eyes as well as join. In the beginning, you might feel the temptation to laugh, but allow it to maneuver and relax. Breathe slowly and deeply while you start looking to your partner’s eyes with love.


Laughter is a priceless saying. To laugh with someone helps in relaxing and letting one’s inhibitions down. Laugh together by discussing jokes, enjoying a humor on the telly jointly etc..

Do something meaningful together

What you want to do with your spouse does not necessarily mean you need to plan it ahead. It’s best if you make instant plans on the best way to spend your time together. Create a list of things which you wish to do. Activities you wish to do may consist of reading a book together, sketching, painting a space etc.. Whatever you do, ensure that the goal of producing a custom of connection daily remains intact.


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