The Latest Breakthroughs In Treating Uterine Fibroids Presents Pain Relief For Many Women


Uterine fibroids are not life threatening because it is rare for them to develop into cancer. They are growths on the uterus that women of child bearing years acquire. Three out of four women have fibroids and many do not experience any symptoms. The latest breakthroughs in treating uterine fibroids are associated with those women who experience heavy bleeding, persistent pelvic pain and difficulty emptying the bladder and bowels.

Doctors are not sure why these growths come about but there are theories that it is a genetically inherited condition. Black women tend to have this condition more than any other race. Research has shown that there are higher levels of progesterone and estrogen in the fibroids than in the uterus. Some doctors have found success prescribing their patients oral contraceptives containing only progestin.

Most fibroids are slow growing. Women who are in menopause start to undergo a diminishing of fibroid growth due to the lower level of hormones. For the women experiencing disruptive discomfort some doctors will administer GnRH agonists that bring on early conditions of menopause. The growths will shrink and be surgically removed.

There are several surgical techniques for removing fibroids depending on the number and size of the growths. When the growths are few and small the surgeon makes use of a surgical robot. It enters through small incisions the surgeon has made through the abdominal area.

There are also non-surgical methods that have been successfully used such as the high frequency ultra sound approach. The patient is place in an MRI scanner to locate the fibroids. The sound waves are targeted on the growths and destroyed without any incisions made.

Myolysis is another non-invasive uterine fibroids treatment where electric or laser currents are sent to the source of blood feeding the growth. The blood vessels and the growths shrink. Non-invasive treatments require much less down time and discomfort to the patient.

One treatment for growths inside the uterus that doctors have been using involves a technique called endometrial ablation. A special wand that emits microwaves, electricity, hot water and heat is placed in the uterus. This technique will destroy the lining of the uterus ending menstruation.

Artery embolization involves putting small embolic agents in the arteries. This is another way to stop blood flow and cause the shrinking of the growths. The complications that can arise from this technique are possible blood supply shutdowns to other organs as well.

Traditional Chinese medicine doctors have been treating these kinds of growths for centuries by prescribing acupuncture and herbal teas. When the doctor has established the imbalances of blood flow coming and going from the uterus, they will have established the cause for the tissue build up.

The contemporary western world of medicine has only recently discovered the latest breakthroughs in treating uterine fibroids. The innovative ancient techniques are new to western medical school of practice. Both patients and doctors are drawn to the non surgical procedures and are finding success in following these techniques that have proven themselves over time.


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