The Way to Prevent Tooth Decay


If you drink or eat foods with sugar, germs in your mouth utilize the sugar to create acids. As time passes, the acids can lead to tooth decay, or cavities.

Fluoride in toothpaste and drinking water may shield the smooth surfaces of teeth, however back teeth require additional protection. Food and germs become trapped in their own rough and jagged chewing surfaces, and toothbrush bristles can not always get them blank. That is where sealants come in. And when a little cavity is inadvertently covered by a sealant, the rust will not spread because fresh germs are sealed outside and germs trapped inside are sealed away in their food source.

Lots of individuals still do not understand about sealants. In actuality, just 30 percent of kids in america have sealants on their teeth.

Teens and young adults that are vulnerable to corrosion might also need sealants. Sealants can help you save you money and time in the future by assisting you to prevent the fillings, caps and crowns used to mend decayed teeth. Speak with your dentist about sealants to your loved ones.


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