Tips For Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Relief


I attended a birth day party of one of my friends, Tony a week ago. I could meet many school days’ friend in the said party. We talked and gossiped a lot. While discussing, one of us suggested why not all our school days’ friends sit one evening and enjoy ourselves.

Instantaneously I got an idea that we should utilize the event as a felicitation ceremony of our former Physics teacher who is in sick bed for days. My friends accepted the proposal promptly. Then arrangements were made for successful organization. On that day, everybody took pleasure of the moment in a celebration mood remembering the past moments of our school days. In a befitting manner we felicitated our 72 year old Prof. Robert. Then I moved to him and asked about his well-being. He responded agonizingly that he has no desire to live. He told that terrible rheumatoid pain in his body joints has made his life miserable and hence, he wants that his life should halt immediately. It was indeed an awful part of the party to see the Prof. in a desperate condition. Yet with a sense of confidence, I assured him that there is a solution to his problem. In utter disbelief he inquired whether I am serious of what I say. Then, I reassured him genuinely there exists a solution to his problem. I could see his brown eyes got brighten in anticipation.

Out of inquisitiveness Professor requested me whether I can visit his house in a short period of time. I then proposed to see him at his resident on the next day itself. He appreciated me with thanks. I went to his house next day evening. He was waiting for me as if he were waiting for days together. I brought out my laptop and sat with the Professor for conducting research on juicer recipes for health through internet. Through research I found that intake of raw potato juice relieves a patient with painful rheumatic arthritic conditions. It has been in use for centuries. It was the age old practice to prepare potato juice by slicing them after removing its skin and then putting over night in cold water. The said soaked water is to be taken next morning in empty stomach. In-take of fresh potatoes juice after diluting the same with water on fifty-fifty basis are also suggested.

Research findings also suggest that one should take water soaked over night with the Black gingerly seeds along with seeds to get better relief from joint pain. This apart, water retained over night in a copper container should also be taken to get prompt relief from joint pain. Apart from this, Prof. also wanted to know abou the quality juicer. I suggested why not try a Juicer which can be used for juicing all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Prof. thought it to be a brilliant idea. After a thorough search particularly on Breville juicers reviews in the net we decided for Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor. I further requested Prof. to go through best juicer reviews through net.

Prof. was visibly very contented with my guidelines. He expressed his deep sense of gratitude to mefor finding some time for him. I assured him to see him shortly and left the place.


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