Treating PCOD with Ayurveda


All of Us come across Many women Addressing the Dilemma of PCOD, i.e. Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease.

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This may be a leading cause of several health problems for girls. Taking lifelong medications can be an ordeal since it is essential to be routine with medication for those experiencing PCOD. Adding to the woes are the subsequent problems caused due to PCOD:

  • Unwanted hair growth in the face
  • Pigmented skin around the throat
  • Excessive baldness
  • Persistent acne

PCOD does not have any specific cause and can happen to those with a family history of this. There are not any specific research behind the way PCOD can affect an individual but may be quite a harrowing experience for all those afflicted by it. It’s essential to know methods to handle the symptoms efficiently without the necessity of resorting to lifelong medications.

Ayurvedic Perils

Directly associated with the hormones, this dilemma leads to a disturbed work-life balance for the patient, making a comeback much more painful and time taking. Resorting to the use of medications for a longer period can be extremely harmful to your system. To deal with these woes, a great deal of people often resort to Ayurvedic treatment to save them from the hassle of taking unnecessary medications. As most of us know, Ayurveda includes a solution to all; this natural treatment is undoubtedly a go-to-treatment for those afflicted by PCOD to get a longer run. Ayurveda has the capability to treat many hormonal syndromes by just making some simple lifestyle and diet adjustments. Ayurvedic treatments aim towards these primary Things to combat PCOD:

  • Body detoxification and curing the symptoms of PCOD
  • Fixing the menstrual cycle
  • Strengthening the reproductive system and organs for organic Way of conceiving
  • Treating hormonal imbalance
  • To Begin with, we list down a few ayurvedic herbs Which Are Essential for PCOD therapy;

Guduchi: Said for a powerful anti-inflammatory herb, it helps in treating the chronic inflammation of tissues. This can be important as inflamed tissues are the chief reasons to ovarian cysts. This herb gives a boost into the metabolism and reduces down the resistance to insulin.

Shatavari: This herb aids in revitalizing the reproductive system, prevents menstrual cycle in time aids in the healthy development of the gut follicles. Additionally, this herb aids in controlling the high levels of insulin as it’s reported to be a natural diuretic.

Triphala: most of us know how beautifully Triphala works on our bodies. Further, it’s an excellent means to body detox and ought to be taken prior to any other Ayurvedic medication.

Aloe Vera: A very beneficial Ayurvedic herb for PCOD treatment, aloe vera will help in promoting menstruation, modulates the menstrual imbalance and rectifies the disturbed menstrual cycle.

Remedy Par Excellence

Ayurvedic therapy for PCOD is a practical yet exceptionally easy on the body that provides respite from these damaging medications.


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