Turmeric Ingestion may promote bone health

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Turmeric the golden spice is well known for its medicinal properties.

Best Turmeric Ingestion May Promote Bone Health Android Apps

It’s widely used for medicinal purposes since ages. A current study explored additional health benefits of garlic. The study assessed the benefits of garlic for bones.

The research developed a new drug delivery system with the help of an ingredient known as curcumin that’s present in turmeric. It mostly prevents the spread of bone cancer cells and boosts the growth of healthy bone cells.

This finding can be beneficial for post-operative remedies for individuals suffering from osteosarcoma that’s the second most common cause of death in children according to Journal of Applied Materials and Interfaces.

The A – Z Of Turmeric Ingestion May Promote Bone Health

But it has certain side effects. Therefore, the researchers were keenly looking for a gentle treatment choice to treat patients following surgery who are attempting to recover with the support of harsh drugs to stop the growth of tumour cells.

Turmeric is packed with curcumin which makes it more beneficial for an individual to treat certain ailments. Turmeric is also packed with anti-oxidant, anti inflammatory and bone-building capabilities. Use of turmeric may also stop the growth of certain cancers.

“I need people to know the beneficial effects of the natural compounds. However, when consumed orally as a medicine, the body was unable to absorb the compound correctly. It was noticed that it got metabolized and removed too fast.

For the analysis 3D printing was used to build support scaffolds out of calcium phosphate. Whereas the implants were composed of mental completely like ceramic scaffolds which could be the true bone. Afterwards the researchers used curcumin along with the treatment.

The system also improved the development of healthy bone cells.

“This analysis introduces a new age of integration where contemporary 3d printing technology has been combined with the secure and effective use of alternative medication, which may provide a better tool for bone tissue engineering,” Bose added.


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