Unable to quit smoking? 7 tips to kill smoking cravings

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Are you trying to Stop smoking from a Really long time? Nonetheless, it’s a very challenging mission to achieve. You always try to say goodbye to this cigarette but these strong cravings always pull you back. Cigarette cravings requires you back and not able you to quit. Smoking cravings can be very strong sometimes. A chain smoker may face many difficulties initially after stopping smoking. If you can kill those cravings then you’re on the right path. All you need is a powerful determination to give up this time. Cravings generally occur for five to ten minutes that are powerful enough to allow you to smoke . You need to focus hard on the best way best to manage these cravings. Once the cravings are gone, you won’t feel like smoking . If you’re figuring out how to kill cigarette craving then here are a few clever tips to kill smoke cravings.

Most people smoke when they are stressed or having a headache or just when they’re idle. Do not allow these variables influence you. If anxiety is the factor which causes you smoke then attempt to stay stress free. Choose an alternate like coffee or tea to prevent smoking cravings. Don’t give yourself too much free time it reminds you to smoke again.

Keep your mouth occupied

Eat something or just chew a gum. It’ll continue to keep your mouth busy and distract your mind. You may also indulge yourself in your favourite candy. If you would like to choose something healthy then a salad would be the best option. Once you eat something, you’ll get indulged in the taste of the food that can help you combat cravings effectively.

Keep distractions ready

You understand your peak timing very well when you’ll truly feel the temptation to smoke the most. For such situations keep the distractions ready. Maintain some videos from your playlist to see. Be sure you do not need to search for alternate to distract yourself because then ultimately you’ll wind up maintain a cigarette in your hand. Plan your day well and keep the distractions ready.

Drink water

Whenever you feel the urge to smoke just drink a tall glass of water. It is going to keep you hydrated and you will feel less desire to smoke.

Call a friend

The cravings are hitting you again and you’re looking a cigarette to smoke as soon as possible. This scenario can occur many times every day. All you have to do is make the most of your calls that are infinite. Simply call friend and talk. It will majorly divert your mind and you’ll forget smoking cravings suddenly.


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