When You Should Get an Open MRI Scan

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Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, is a medical scan that uses magnets to detail certain parts and processes of the body. The test is needed when a doctor wants to look closer at an injury or illness that is missed by a X-ray, CT scan or ultrasound. There are two types of MRI machines on the market, the closed and the open. The open machine is a tube a patient is slid into. The magnets surround you on all sides. The open machine is one round piece that slides around you leaving most of your body free. The magnets are over and under the patient. While both have their advantages, here is why you might prefer an Open mri scanner over a closed test

Tight Spaces

An open system is the best option for patients who suffer from claustrophobia. There is more room in this system that will put you at ease as the test is being conducted. This also works great for children who have a difficult time lying still. There is less need to lay completely still and is more comfortable. It is also more adaptable for larger people who have more difficulty fitting in the closed scanner.

Closer To the Source

Patients are slid inside the closed MRI machine and must lay still in the tube. While the images might be clearer, it make getting accurate reports of certain body parts hard to obtain. The open MRI can scan allow the technician to move the body part they need to scan with little issue. In the event a patient is unable to lay down, the machine can be tilted to get a accurate reading. Along with more space to navigate, the open MRI is quieter than its counterpart, making the experience much more comfortable and less traumatic for the patient.


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