World Suicide Prevention Day: Saving Children from the Claws of Web


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The Digital Universe has become an inseparable part of our Everyday life and it can impact the mental health of Individuals without them knowing about it.

The internet is a really beneficial platform which allows us to explore personal, social and political actions around the globe. However, overuse or abuse of the net can take a toll on your teenager’s health and drive them to depression or even suicide. Here is how you can rescue your child from the dark side of the Web and recognize if they are suicidal:

Do not be Judgmental

Your children at this age need one to become their friend and not your parent. It is excellent for a parent if they do something wrong but you need not be judgmental about something they did. Rather, let them put forward their thoughts and discuss their feelings until you give them a life lesson.

Be understanding and less judgmental when dealing with your children to achieve their confidence. If the situation gets out of hands or you think that your child is depressed, then consult a professional immediately.

Do Away with all the Cyber Bullies

Hidden behind the display are a few strangers who just wish to wreck other people’s life. Children at a tender age are not able to recognize the horrific reality of these people and fall prey to their schemes.

Cyberbullying is a crime and those who do it has to be penalized. Make your kid understand this even before they begin using the internet. Be aware of the disadvantages of the net in order that they can tackle them and when the time comes they can face them.

Keep an Eye on their Behaviour

someone who is suicidal show signs of depression, anxiety, and stress. If you notice any behavioral change, speak with them. First of all, you want to understand if your child is suffering from depression or is suicidal. If you see any symptoms then you must speak to them and seek help from a specialist. Handle them carefully and don’t scold or strike them.

Recognizing Signs of Suicide

  • Not liking the things that they once loved
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Unusual mood swings — from miserable to calm to happy
  • Contemplating or talking about death
  • Talking about suicide in general
  • reduction of interest in all

Matters that Increase the Odds of an Individual Committing Suicide

  • Family violence
  • Substance abuse
  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Being exposed to suicidal tendencies
  • Access to sharp object or firearms (if any in the home )

It’s crucial to curbing the negative impact of the world wide web, which is only possible if everybody understands its importance. The idea is to have an understanding with your child to help them overcome the issue of depression and feelings of suicide.



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