World’s Largest Brain Tumour Weighing 11lbs Removed

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It was Just after a Tough 10-hour-long Travel Once the surgeons could remove what the’World’s Largest Brain Tumour is’.

The enormous increase in the 31-year-old Sakthivel was growing inside his head for 20 years. The thought of surgery and cancer deterred him from going under the knives as his own brother succumbed to death during an operation. Due to cash limitations, the tumour was left to increased, weighing 5 kg. In accordance with the surgeons, this size of this tumour is listed to be the largest in medical history.

As told by the surgeons, the tumour was was as big as his head. According to reports, Sakthivel is currently tumour-free and recovering nicely from the critical operation. That expansion led to a restricted neck movement.”

“He was afraid to go to get a surgery as he dropped his brother . Additionally, lack of financial funds led to the delay of 20 years,” he added.

The surgery was carried out in the Government Rajaji Hospital at Madurai. The hospital has been about 68 kilometers from the patient’s hometown. He had no money to pay for his medications and operation. Since the magnitude of the tumour had grown to the extent, he began facing difficulties in transferring his neck. As we know that the average human head weighs about 5kg, his tumour itself was of the same size when managed.

He had been exposed to social aloofness as the massive swelling would make him feel uncomfortable in public areas. Sakthivel first approached personal hospitals where he was asked to get a significant amount for the surgery. This is how he attained the government hospital at Madurai. Dr Srisaravanan said,”We did a lot of research and study and have not found anything as big as this.”

Another such unusual case was listed in Mumbai when 31-year-old Sental Pal was operated to remove a 1.8 kg mass from his head at BYL Nair Charitable Hospital.


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