Yoga for shoulders and neck that you can do at your work

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Your sitting job can give a Great Deal of stress to your neck and shoulders. It may promote severe neck and shoulder pain. Neck pain is now a frequent ailment on account of the office environment nowadays. Sitting all day at your computer or notebooks increases strain on your neck and shoulder. Normal exercise and yoga is the only way to relax your muscles. However, your busy schedule does not allow you to exercise frequently, due to which your shoulder and neck endure a lot. In this kind of situation you need to try simple and quick yoga exercises to reduce the adverse impact of sitting all day. Here are some simple yoga exercises that you can perform in your desk to relax your neck and shoulder muscles.

Neck spinning

Transferring your neck slowly in a circular pattern can raise the motion of neck muscles in all of the instructions. Sit directly in your seat and move your neck slowly in circular movement. Repeat this for three or more times, clockwise and anti-clockwise. Breathe deeply throughout the exercise. You can repeat this exercise two times a day.

Ear to shoulder

It is another exercise to extend both neck and shoulder muscles. All you need to do is try to touch your ear to your right shoulder when sitting straight. Repeat the same for the left ear. Do at least five repetitions for each side twice a day.

Seated side stretch

Seated side stretch will move your entire upper body and relax all the muscles involved. To perform seated side stretch sit directly on the seat and extend your right arm upward. Stretch your arm and upper body as much as possible. Repeat this 3 times for the arms.

Arm rotation

Arm rotation will bend your shoulder muscles. It will also aid in releasing tension from the arms. While sitting directly contact your shoulders with your respective hands. Now move your both arms in same motion. Move your arms ten times both clockwise and anticlockwise. Repeat this exercise two times a day.

Seated Tadasana

While sitting directly raise your both hands over the shoulders. Stretch your arms and fingers as much as possible. Hold the position for several seconds and come back to the starting place. Perform at least four repetitions of the same. You are able to perform this asana both standing and sitting. Breathe deeply throughout the exercise.

Other Strategies to offset the side effects of sitting daily are:

  • Stand following regular intervals
  • Take a stroll after lunch
  • Walk while attending phone calls
  • Perform biking when sitting on a regular basis


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